Data Management: Part 1


Why is media management SO important? Can’t the intern just do it? What if we just skip this part?

In any aspect of post (editing, graphics, sound, colour) 90% of the success of your workflow depends on how you organise your data. This stretches far beyond labelling a hard drive correctly! Oh boy, proper media management can save you time, money, and tons of frustration. Invest in a professional data wrangler to take responsibility for your assets- even if it is just on a freelance basis.

In my next post on data management I will reflect on my experiences with systems that work really well. I will also tell you about the pitfalls of getting it wrong.

Tell me about your workflow?



Directors: Part 1


This post is intended with a hint of humour…but sadly I have come across instances where this is the case:

Post Producer: “What changes do you want on this project”?

Director: “I don’t know”.

Post Coordinator: “By when do you need it done”?

Director: “NOW”!

If you work with a director who can properly brief a team and deliver constructive feedback then you’re winning! In post we work with highly skilled people (not machines) and nothing in post happens “quickly”. You know how it goes: time is money.

Tell me about your experiences and/or solutions?